About us

The National Neurophysiology Institute ,LLC was established on the principal that quality were expected,but immediate on-site service and personalized attention would provide a special value-added service to patients.

The National Neurophysiology Institute,LLC initially built a reputation by offering 24-hour ,on-call, on-site service at any location convenient to the patient or physician.

As  our neuro monitoring  program evolved to be the heart of our ancillary services,we have developed perhaps the finest company in country, if not in the world,has evolved into a dynamic company that provides to the marketplace an enormous flexibility with its products and services that range from diagnostics to intraoperative monitoring.The National Neurophysiology Institute,LLC was founded on the premise that when a company provides service,with unique techniche.Predictably,the National Neurophysiology Institute ,LLC has experienced its success built on this concept.

we have combined our superior skills and  resources,and then converted the two into benefits that the hospitals and physicians embrace for its cost effectiveness and superior service strategies.