National Neurophysiology Institute



The NationalNeurophysiology Institute, LLC was established on the principal that quality products were expected,but immediate on-site service and personalized attention would provide aspecial value-added service to patients.

The National Neurophysiology Insititute,LLC initially built a reputation by offering 24-hour, on-call, on-site serviceat any location convenient to the patient or physician.

As our neurodiagnostic and neuro-monitoringprogram evolved to be the heart of our ancillary services, we have developedperhaps the finest neurodiagnostic company in the country, if not the world,has evolved into a dynamic company that provides to the marketplace an enormousflexibility with its products and services that range from diagnostics tointraoperative monitoring.  The NationalNeurophysiology Institute, LLC was founded on the premise that when a companyprovides a product or service, with a unique niche it will stand out from itscompetitors and fare better over time in the market.  Predictably, the National NeurophysiologyInstitute, LLC has experienced its success built on this concept.

The unique disposition sets us apart in today.apos;smarket.  We have combined our superiorskills and superior resources, and then converted the two into benefits thatthe hospitals and physicians embrace for its cost effectiveness and superiorservice strategies.

Please know how much we appreciate your interest in the National Neurophysiology Institute, LLC.  We are certain you will find our clinicians to be very accomplished and are a vivid reflection of the type of top quality and caliber neurodiagnostic program we have established.  Our founder, Steven Wang MD CNIM, ABNM, has recruited a combined staff roster that represents well over 100 years of neuroscience monitoring experience.